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Delegating! The 7 mistakes of Delegation...part 1

Updated: Mar 23, 2021

Mistake 1 – Are you going to end up with blisters?

Choosing a great VA is a bit like choosing a pair of new shoes

  • Do they fit?

  • Do they suit you?

  • Do they support you well?

Get it wrong and you'll end up sore and disappointed.

So how do you avoid the pain and make sure your new VA is a great fit?

Research is key!

You're looking for 3 important qualities:

1. Confidentiality

2. Discretion

3. Initiative

but there's more to consider so here's a list to help.

1. Specialisms - you wouldn't go to a butcher for bread so apply the same here.

Experience really is the best teacher.

2. Data protection/confidentiality agreements - better safe than sorry!

If a VA won't sign a confidentiality agreement, alarm bells should be ringing.

3. Consistency - don't let yourself be passed from pillar to post -

you need an allocated VA if they're going to learn your business.

4. References - a good VA loves to share their happy customers' references!

Not got any? Run as fast as you can..........

Finally remember, someone great on paper may just not gel with you.

It happens, it's no big deal. You're only human after all.

So focus on finding the right VA for you because with the right person backing you,

your business will fly!

Mistake 2 - Frozen with fear?

If you'd love to be singing 'Let it go' but can't quite find your groove, there's a one-word reason - Control!

There is no denying it's a hard one to get right:

Too little and you're deemed a failure.

Too much and you are uptight.

Sound familiar?

You're not alone - in fact it's the biggest challenge most people face. You may know that micromanaging and perfectionism are common traits in entrepreneurs but can really hold your business back

You need to take 4 simple steps:

1. Start small - don't run before you can walk.

Hand over something basic with minimal consequences if it goes wrong.

2. Build gradually - once you're happy with the completed task, try something

larger or more important. Go at a pace that you're comfortable with.

3. Be realistic - it takes time for a VA to learn your business and preferences.

If things didn't go to plan, ask yourself if you could have explained more or given better

information to improve the outcome.

4. Move forward together - building a relationship with your VA where trust and

understanding increase your confidence.

If you're still not convinced, look at any famous business owner and ask yourself how they got there:

If you can't imagine Richard Branson on the phone ordering stationery supplies or Bill Gates on hold for a business insurance quote, there's a reason.

Delegation makes dreams possible!

Mistake 3 - Less haste, more speed

If you're someone who expects instant results, you'd better stop reading now.

Yes really! There's nothing here for you.

A VA can promise many things, but overnight perfection just isn't going to happen.

In a world where everyone expects immediate results, the simple fact is some things just take a little time.

No one goes on a first date expecting to be married by the end of the night; good relationships take time.

It's the same with working relationships - the best ones grow slowly and last.

So how can you get the best from your VA?

Here are the 3 golden rules of investment to get the best out of your VA. Give them information about:

1. Your Business - background, products, services, USP, competitors, values, plans.

2. Your Expectations - attention to detail, confidentiality, professionalism, turnaround times.

3. Your Preferences - communication methods, travel preferences, hotel requirements, budgets, pet hates.

Thinking 'I could have done it quicker myself'?

Well yes you probably could the first time or even the second.

However, the next time you won't have to do it at all. Think how much time that will save!

Mistakes 4 - 7 coming soon!

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